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"I'm a trapper in Montana that got very tired of repairing my canvas trapping bags every year. It seemed like every time that I wanted to have a good day checking my traps, the canvas bag would tear. So I got to thinking, what if there was a bag made out of vinyl, it would have to be a soft vinyl, water proof and durable. That was when I started testing different vinyls and discovered that vinyl coated polyester is the perfect fit.

We have different trapper bags currently that we are producing, the Beaver Bag, which is our largest bag with shoulder straps, the Coyote Bag is a bit smaller with lots of pockets, and the Dirt Bag designed to carry bedding material with a drawstring closure to protect what's in the bag."

- John Wilson


HUNTING AND TRAPPING were the primary ways that humans provided food, clothing and shelter for themselves, their families and groups or tribes. This heritage and the tradition of hunting, as old as humans themselves, is still strong today. In addition, hunting and trapping are important tools in managing wildlife populations. Even though the world in which people and wildlife live has changed much over time, hunting and trapping still play a key role.

(Information provided by the Montana Trappers Association)

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